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Specialty Liability

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Specialty Liability Insurance

The Quote Liability Specialty Liability Insurance policy was developed to bring the cost advantages of group purchase to smaller public entities and not-for-profit organizations seeking individualized liability coverage and the ability to combine all their liability coverage needs under one contract.

While joint powers authorities typically require minimum participation of three years or more, the Quote Liability joint purchase program has no minimum participation requirement.

As a group purchase program, there is no risk sharing in Specialty Liability Insurance and, therefore, no possibility of future assessments. Each participating entity has its own limits of liability and a choice of deductibles or self-insured retention. And, the group’s size offers greater stability as the insurance market fluctuates as well as the most competitive structure in both hard and soft markets.

Quote Liability Special Liability Insurance is Here for You!

A Specialty Liability Insurance policy is unique in that it offers a customized, specialized form developed specifically for small public entities and not-for-profit organizations that offers a wide range of liability coverage. In addition to general liability, Specialty Liability Insurance provides public officials errors and omissions liability (for public entities), directors and officers liability (for not-for-profits), automobile liability, and employment practices liability all under one contract on an “occurrence” basis.

In addition, broadcaster’s liability coverage is provided for many public, educational, and governmental (PEG) access organizations and community media centers across the country.

Specialty Liability Insurance Features:

  • Group purchase
  • No risk sharing
  • No time commitment
  • No assessments
  • Primary general liability
  • Primary public officials errors and omissions or primary directors and officers liability
  • Primary non-owned and hired automobile liability
  • Primary employment practices liability
  • Primary broadcaster’s legal liability
  • Deductibles as low as $1,000 or self-insured retentions
  • Basic policy includes limits up to $10 million per occurrence

Specialty Liability Insurance Benefits:

  • One insurer for multiple coverages to avoid carrier finger-pointing
  • Greater stability against marketplace fluctuation
  • Choice of deductibles or self-insured retentions
  • No possibility of future assessments
  • No minimum time requirement
  • Each participant has own limits

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